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Sharks day on July 30th, 2011 at Dick's Sporting Goods Alamo Ranch

Dick's Sporting Goods provides the San Antonio Sharks with a combined 25% discount on July 30th

Dick's Sporting Goods, one of our main sponsors, has programmed a Sharks day on July 30th (modified, it was July 23rd) 2011 at their Alamo Ranch location, on that day, Sharks players, parents and friends can use two coupons for a combined discount of 25% on most store items, share this news with your friends, everybody is welcome, even members of other teams, just print the coupons on this page

The first team coupon can be found here: Dick's Sporting Goods coupon for the San Antonio Sharks

The extra 15% coupon (for a combined 25% discount) can be downloaded and printed here: Dick's Sporting Goods Sharks day coupon

Here's a preview:

DSG Sharks Day Coupon!